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Complete online reference for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) used in total joint replacements: implants, history, case studies, technical information.

Bone marrow transplants: Comprehensive approach to cord blood transplant, including the procedure itself as well as support materials for parents, siblings, and pre and post operation precautions and safety measures.

General treatment materials on heart testing and cardiac disease management, diabetes, skin conditions (pillomavirus, hemangiomas).

All aspects of hemophilia treatment:

  • Coagulation factor labels, specifications and brochures.
  • Guide to bleeding disorders, treatment procedures, infusion manual and brochures.
  • Instructions on factor dosages and handling patients with inhibitors.
  • Various guides for hemophilic children and their families (school advise, travel tips, sibling feelings, etc.)
  • Newsletters for hemophilia patients, summer camp activity guides for young hemophiliacs, health insurance tips, caregiver action plans.


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