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Information Technology

Have localized entire websites as well as embedded software strings for a wide range of applications of all sizes, including among many others:

  • Installation wizards, widgets, on-line portals, software libraries.
  • On-line applications stores, mobile retailing, content merchandizing and other E-commerce applications.
  • Bank teller machines, container checking machinery, Blu-Ray products, cellular phones and other wireless & mobile devices.
  • Educational programs and games.
  • Personalized mobile Internet applications: weather, news, sports, games, stock updates, movie times, traffic updates.

User manuals and on-line help
Have translated user manuals and localized on-line help systems for applications such as:

  • Video & graphic cards and controllers.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) & optical communications applications.
  • Software development & testing platforms.
  • CD & DVD recording programs, music management systems, PC audio/video drivers.
  • Modem, fax, voice/data connectivity software.
  • Smart card reading systems for secure access & authentication.

Computer networking
Have translated white papers, fact sheets, product guides and technical specs for the computer networking industry (wired, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and other connectivity technologies) covering hardware such as:

  • Routers, switches, drives, servers, gateways.
  • Sector & omni directional antennas, subscriber modules, backhaul units, repeaters.
  • Broadband engines, wireless devices, mobility tools, IP phones.
  • LAN controllers/managers/monitors, firewalls, security appliances, interfaces.

Have also covered the marketing aspects with promotional brochures, PowerPoint presentations, webcast scripts and other sales campaign literature intended for both external clients and reseller partners.

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