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Fertilizers: Materials for professionals covering fast/slow released, organic & synthetic fertilizers for turfgrass, lawns and landscaping.  Financial implications of using different rated products, controlled application techniques, macro nutrients necessary for healthier grass.

Cosmetics: Extrusion/spheronization materials for the pelletization of cosmetics, including industrial techniques, process auditing, and ISO standards and certification.

Personal Care: Product literature for all types of personal care merchandise: Touch free and foam dispensing systems. Broad spectrum antimicrobial hand and body washes. Skin moisturizing lotions and tearless shampoos. Total body cleansers and clear gels.

MSDS: Have translated hundreds of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) containing the standard information on hazards identification, toxicological data, first aid measures, fire fighting responses, exposure controls/personal protection, and much more.

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